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After 2009 release Juventus Jersey the new match quarter club again release second after guest field sports clothes, the new sports clothes regards white as principle, as an adding of lord field sports clothes and guest field sports clothes, guest field sports clothes with two guest field the sports clothes all has same pattern face to face, the pattern expressed club place region Pacific Ocean the natural appearance of the littoral and Xia river bank water country. Antler brigade in the deer island at 2011 match the quarter line up in the 6th in the J1 league match. This match quarter virtuous A league match half distance just ended and rose Ma Ao Ge Si fortress the club have already passed to collect and voted to finally make sure the guest descending a match for quarter Juventus Jersey Home. The club publicly collected the style of 2012-13 match quarter ball team guest field sports clotheses to the fan on the 18th of last month and submitted manuscript a work regardless and was computer creation or hand-drawing all can, the color then stipulates to use white, had better regard red, green or black as principle, is a ball team because of white lord the color of the field sports clothes. Close club have already received more than 150 design works till the 30th, choose 5 sets of projects to provide a fan vote later on, end project two get 28% votes to smile till the last. The new sports clothes regards black as principle, positive chest from up arrive a bottom is the red and green white that tightly gets respectively three color horizontal grain, these three kinds of colors are also the symbols of the Ao spaces Si fortresses. The Ao space Si fortress brigade at 2011-12 match quarter the virtuous A league match game lead the circumstance of half under accumulate 15 cents to line up in the reciprocal second.

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We once mentioned in the previous news fan protest Poland early before announce of Poland national brigade 2012 there is no the affairs of national insignia on European cup new sports clothes, Poland the foot helped to also carry on to apologize later on and promise to re- create a sports clothes recall. At present sponsor's bearing the reformation of a gram of company to the sports clothes has been already completed, the gold hat white eagle the red shield be embroidered at the chest of Juventus Jersey Away, with the Poland of the left chest national brigade the new brigade badge is placed in same level on-line. This"national insignia dispute" originates the national brigade announces on November 8 of 2012 European cup new sports clothes, the new sports clothes chest appeared Poland foot to help just released in April, this year of national brigade new marking, the new marking is one part that Poland foot helped all new image, represented a national brigade of all new Poland. Poland fan for new sports clothes up have never taken to have a gold hat white the Poland national insignia of the eagle expressed strong disaffection, "gold hat white the eagle is the whole symbol of Poland, formely national brigade sports clothes of have never left this sign before the chest".